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Re: Lightsaber Fight

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Re: Lightsaber Fight

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Hmmm… defensiveness on the forum about my beating down something that I just didn’t particularly like. I thought that one of the things that was well liked by my co-hosts and in some cases the fan-base was when I unleash and tell people what I really think. -maybe it doesn’t work too good in text.

I’m glad these guys won recognition for their talents, but note that neither of them won awards or recognition for the things that annoyed me about it. No matter when it came out, I’m still sick of seeing these.

As far as the last comment about ‘you could have closed it’, I did that once… and it took me a few weeks to see what all the fuss was about. It was this really mediocre fanfilm that turned out to be a pretty funny spoof on a Mentos commercial. Since this was posted in the switched:ON forum, by a person with similar interested and tastes as the rest of us, I think it’s pretty obvious why I didn’t ignore the clip once I opened it, and why I opened it in the first place.

I’m going to go back to the work world where I get paid to listen to people justify silly stuff. 😀