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Re: Lightsaber Fight

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http://www.Fanfilms.com This flick was made and released in 2003. It was planned out and shot in one to two days.
Ryan W and Dorkman Scott are the best out there. They had done rotoscoping on the majority of the first fanfilms, and nearly all of the best ones. The were issued the challenge by fans to see who was better. They showed up, fought, and scoped their own sabers. This wasn’t supposed to be a short film, merely to showcase their talents.
Ryan W has won young filmmaking awards from HBO among others, and Ryan W works for LucasArts, and Scott works for LucasFilm.

You want good fighting and a story, search for Art of the Saber 2.

Sorry to sound defensive guys, but there are a lot of people that bust their ass, make good product, and are brought done by the internet’s grading curve. You know, the one that makes everything good and drags it down becuase of all the shit out there. Podcasting is going through the exact same thing.