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Re: Let’s Talk about Me

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Holy shit, Rob and Bing that is some of the most harsh insulting I have ever had the joy of witnessing.

Dammit, I feel like a small child at an amusement park, “I want a shot, I want a shot!”

So, BunnyTu2006, if that is your real name, what kind of pathetic excuse for an example of the human race are you, huh? Oh, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you alright, you represent far more than a slight annoyance in the back of all our minds far more than just an uterly pointless post, you represent everything that is wrong with the world and man kind as a whole, you are the bad apple in the barrel, you are the pollution in the sky and sea, you are the defication stuck to our feet, you are the shoe lace that always gets untied, you are suffering, you are animosity, you are hatred, you are terror, you are fear, you are war, YOU ARE THE END OF THE WORLD! The simple fact that humans (regardless of rich or poor or race) just any human could even consider to waste so much of their own and other peoples time -which ,no matter which way you look at it, is the most valuable thing in the entire universe- is purely dispicable. So, I say how dare you, how dare you waste the most treasurable thing that I and all other members of this forum own. You worthless, incompetant, purposeless, corrupt, foul, obscene and purely disgusting human being!

Hopefully anyone else planning on repeating such textual faeces as BunnyTu2006, will think twice in future. Tragically however I somewhat doubt it. Because so long as there are shit faced, mother fucking, dog raping, “golden shower taking”, donkey dong sucking, “kinda people who would eat all the crap that gets caught in the plug hole in the sower and not think a thing of it”, cock blowing, “kinda people who wont be happy till publicly shitting in someones mouth becomes politically correct” time wasting bitch fucking fuckers of all fuckers, in this world then the problem will never end untill they end this world.

*very large sigh* Well I dont know about you but I feel better now!