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Re: Let’s Talk about Me

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Re: Let’s Talk about Me

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Yeah, let’s talk about YOU!!

“When I was born I splashed out of my mother’s pus-infested womb riding a wave of crack-saturated afterbirth into a dirty toilet. My childhood was filled with lovely stories of being face-raped by my grandmother and her pet goat. When I was 12 I tasted my first bite of non-regurgitated food and instantly developed a weight problem, after trying for several years to liposuction myself with a lawnmower motor and a used colostomy bag I met my weight guru Chad. Chad was wonderful and caring…he always gave me a few seconds to brace myself before he fisted me holding dirty nails and a dead rabbit, we were married when I was 16. Unfortunately Chad was killed trying to steal copper wiring from a moving train and I was left all alone to raise our retarded asthmatic child Raven, who was born with only one eye and no liver. (well technically she DID have a liver but post-pregnancy cravings are a BITCH and I was SO HUNGRY). After that I decided to try adipex and now I can live life like the skinny waste of a godless whore I truly am.”

Happy now?

…you gonorrhea-cum eating evolutionary mistake for a steamy wet bloody cancerous shit.

have a nice day!