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Re: Jerry’s Flash Card Idea

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Re: Jerry’s Flash Card Idea

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El Rustirino
Bing wrote:
First let me say that I have always loved to have a mental image of someone who you only know by their voice. It is almost always wrong and once you see them the image starts to fade from memory. Its just something I always thought was cool.

And since you asked….

Bing’s Old Mental Image of Rusty
Young, thin, about 5’2″, blonde, skinny face, acne, almost like a young Macauley Culkin but without the fucked up eyes. From the picture you look more like Boba Fett from AOTC.

Now for something really good.

Bing’s Original Mental Image of the SOS’ers

The best was Bryan. Long Blonde hair and fair skin with a chubby face. Picture Philip Seymour Hoffman in “Twister” but with more blonde in the hair

Jerry was not so far off, I had him thinner with more angular features and a big nose, almost like a younger, less geeky Ben Stiller

Rob looks almost exactly like I pictured him, weird huh?

Oh and I was all wrong on Corby too. I had him looking more like Bucho (no kidding)

I had Corby looking like Weird Al in the White and Nerdy vid.

When I first heard SoS, I looked at the Gallery, and saw a group pic. But I couldn’t discern one from the other. So I thought Bryan was Jerry, Jerry was Rob, and Rob was Bryan, for almost 15 shows.