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Re: Jerry’s Eavesdrop Podcast

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Re: Jerry’s Eavesdrop Podcast

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No man, I just mean I wouldn’t want you to feel like this became any more work for you than it needs to be, I know you don’t hate us, most of the time at least. If it starts to feel like you’re doing work to get your shows out there or that your fuckin listeners are putting demands on you you’ll have less fun and nobody wants that.

I don’t know what your setup is so I don’t know how much hassle it would be for you to compress them to 128 or less (BBC and serious podcasts like Filmspotting and The Treatment and Rob Michaels Presents Rob Michaels put out shows at 64 and they sound fine to me). I have a program that does it in a couple of minutes at the click of a mouse and I assume with the professional editting software you have you can do it pretty easily.

I mean, bottom line is for a talk show 64 sounds plenty good and 128 sounds golden. I don’t know how much bandwidth you have available but if you were uploading your shows at a lower rate it would free up some tubes for your copious downloads from Big Titted Bitches Dot Com, so that’s better for you. And if us fans are downloading Jerry shows at the lower rate we have the same advantage, more bandwidth for Bing’s Youtube videos and Mixed Race Leprechaun Hotness Dot Com.

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