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Re: Jerry’s Eavesdrop Podcast

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Re: Jerry’s Eavesdrop Podcast

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That part in 081216b when the deer are crossing was freaky to hear dude. One minute you’re driving along, happy as you please, and then you’re saying, “What the fuck is that crossing the road?!”

And listening to it my imagination’s going, Jerry’s driving home and some unidentified creature is crossing the road in front of him. Already there’s this sudden tension and drama. And then the fucking roaring comes across, sounding in the headphones like a sasquatch or t-rex or God-fucking-zilla is on the loose on the road in front of you!!

Before you finally explained that it was two deer I was starting to wonder of you had some sound effects you were using to fuck with us, but for about three or four seconds it was one of the most dramatic things I’d ever heard. Crazy shit.

And that comes after hearing you narate the dodgy driving conditions, which has already built some tension into the listening experience. I almost felt my own sphincter clenching every time you got onto an icy section. It’s pretty amazing how well recordings like these can totally transport your imagination like this.

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