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Re: It’s Zod!

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Re: It’s Zod!

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BSherrod wrote:
Digg is the best thing ever, its like the jelly on my morning biscuit, it adds a little flavor to my day….

You aren’t supposed to put jelly on your computer dumbass!

Oh wait…

Thanks for the warning Rob, I had already opened it up in a new window to start reading. I also had to avoid two different morning shows on the radio because those fudge-packing bitches were just dealing out plot details and shit without a care for anyone else. Don’t they get it: talking about Superman Returns will not draw more listeners for the segment… people will not drop what they are doing to tune into (insert over-thought-out-yet-utterly-meaningless station name here) to hear about it, but they will not hesitate to change the station if you are about to fuck up their moving-going experience. Fucking dirtbags.

Yea, Soup Herman Ret Urns tomorrow!