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Re: iPhone 2.0 Software

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Re: iPhone 2.0 Software

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Well, jeez, it’s not Apple’s fault. Extreme demand caused this problem. Last week the O2 servers in the UK shut down because they were getting 13,000 iPhone preorders a second. That’s just insane.

I’ve been busy telling people about the issues Apple and AT&T have been having today, with return smug comments and answers. My reply to that is, “Wow, amazing we haven’t shut down. Oh, wait, we’ve never had to deal with an issue like this because we’ve never had demand like that.” The blind loyalty is refreshing to see, but it’s just not well thought out.

If Apple gets beat down tonight, there will hopefully be the same kind of reply to it. “Yeah, how dare Apple come out with something so good that demand breaks their servers.” I’d say that’s a pretty good problem to have.