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Re: IDK, my BFF Jill?

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Re: IDK, my BFF Jill?

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El Rustirino wrote:

hahaha okay. So I have a cellphone. Verizon. It’s a cool little Nokia slide thingy. I would take a picture of it, but I can’t, because of this.

Basically, the family has 2000-2300 minutes. My dad’s phone is the main business line or whatever, so he uses 1100 minutes a month. Giving about 1100 minutes between me, my mom, and just recently, my sister. My mom uses five hundred or so of those minutes, so we get about two hundred and fifty minutes a piece. However, I did not (to my dismay) learn this until yesterday.

Yesterday, I got in the car. Right after we pull out of my school, she starts bitching me out over 1. text messages from my friend, and 2. me calling my best friend who moved away a while ago, and I talk to him a lot. So I wonder why, and she says that we got the phone bill today and it’s huge. Like xboxanyway (ARMEZ OR IVAN DO YOU GET THAT JOKE IF SO I LOLD MY BUTT OUT OF MY PANTS) we get home, and my dad is there. Why is this so bad? When he gets pissed…there’s a show for it, lemme tell ya. Bull fighting, that kind of thing. I have to jump out of the way before he rams my gut in half. Anyway.

We decide to check my minutes online. Not only did I receive about a million texts from this friend who i have told numerous times to stop texting me, but I was over on my minutes.

Like, eight hundred.

Eight hundred. Fucking. Minutes.

Bye bye phone.

Today, I got to take my phone to school, and that’s it. We went and got some taco bell and my mom said “give it here” and I was all “oshit”.

So, what’s the point of this thread?

Yeah, should I eat this taco bell if i THINK i have to take a shit?

Indeed the joke was funny, and to your credit…


I suggest you do a barrel roll…

Oh, and stay away from the Taco Bell unless you srsly want teh Hepatitis…