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Re: I love my job…mostly

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Re: I love my job…mostly

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I’m a Lead Tech at Sprint, which basically means I go from store to store making sure those cats are doing what they’re supposed to do. Problem is, right now I’ve only got two stores, one of ’em’s doing great, and the other one’s so boring that I’d rather shoot myself with a spear than sit here. The job’s definitely gotten a lot smaller.

We merged with Nextel, right? Well, instead of bringing these two companies together and deciding what’s best, they just decided that they’d go with the Sprint way of doing things, because there’s three times the employees, and fuck the Nextel way. The problem is, the Sprint way is three times harder to learn, and makes absolutely no sense when you compare it to the Nextel way. They’d spend a whole lot less time getting the Sprint people to conform to the Nextel way.

This whole thing just sucks. That’s like saying that because there’s more Windows computers out there, that must mean it’s better. And what’s even more frustrating is that none of us had a say in that. The people that are making these decisions for us haven’t worked in a retail store in 10 years or more.

Okay, you just opened up the flood gate, Bing, and I’m gonna close it, because it’s not funny and all it does is make me realize how bad it sucks. Not your fault, of course, but yeah, okay, I’m done.