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Re: I hate Michael Cera…

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Re: I hate Michael Cera…

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I was thinking about this again the other day and I get now why I it’s always entertaining to hear Bryan bag celebrity chicks. It’s because I realised have the same reaction sometimes, just to different girls than the ones he gets pissed off about.

Like Eva Longoria and all the mega-drooling that’s gone on about her since Desperate Housewives put her out the front of the tabloids. Not only is she not the hottest woman on screen, she’s not even one of the hottest Evas on screen. Mendes and Green both are a league above her and it pisses me off how high her profile is totally based on this erroneous idea of her hotness. It’s not that she’s a bushpig, it’s that she’s not remarkably hot but everyone treats her as though she is, with that stupid upturned button nose those boring dead eyes. Damn it! Sit down Longoria, you’re just getting in the way!!

Anyway, so Michael Cera … what is it with that goober anyway?

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.