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Re: I hate Michael Cera…

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Re: I hate Michael Cera…

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Fuck Eva Longoria. Fuck her right in ear hole. Anywhere else, and you’d split that twig in half. She’s just fucking small and skinny, and it makes her noggin look huge to me. I don’t like her attitude, don’t care for her looks, and she certainly cannot act.

Fuck Eva Mendes. She can’t act, and I’m not that fond of her looks… well, above the neck anyway. She popular because of US marketing, and she probably blew someone important. It’s not talent, fo damn sho.

Fuck Eva Green… not really, I actually have no strong opinions of her either way. I don’t care for her, but don’t have a rant either.

Fuck Jessica Alba… I mean I want to fuck every crevice on Jessica Alba. She has zero talent, but is high on the hot scale with me.