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Man, there’s some memories there. I liked the He Man action figures ok but the cartoon was horrible. I totally loved The Real Ghostbusters and totally hated that other Ghostbusters show with that damn monkey, not out of any loyalty or sense of genuineness, just because it sucked so bad. I hated The Littles, Beatlejuice and Dungeons and Dragons (I still want to chop that fucking unicorn into little pieces and feed it to a volcano). We never got a lot of the cartoons in the clip in NZ and from those intros I guess we weren’t missing much.

Dangermouse was awesome, it seemed so much smarter and funnier than other shows from the 80s, way ahead of its time. I always liked Gadget’s slapstick and grew up on Uncle Scrooge comics so I loved Duck Tales. GI Joe and TMNT were badass, I always wanted to be Gung Ho and Raphael.

A live action He Man would be one of the most camp ideas Hollywood has had for a while.

My other favourites were Looney Tunes and a few Hanna-Barberra shows (not necessarily made in the 80s) like Hong Kong Fooey, Top Cat, Smurfs and Snorks, Flintstones and Jetsons. One of my all time favouites from when I was real young was Beany and Cecil but I hardly remember it apart from the catchphrases and Beany being able to fly with his propeller hat. Roger Ramjet was awesome.

Now I think about it us 80s kids were shafted when it came to cartoon quality, we were served up tons of shit compared to the 60s.

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