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Re: I feel compelled to share

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Gadget was awful, but I still liked it just because of the few things he’d do to make me laugh. I wanted Penny to fall in a hole, and get impaled by an 18″ rubber cock and die.

Ghostbusters, I was always super annoyed by how the “let’s go ghostbusters” was out of sync in the intro, and they never once fixed it the whole time that shit-show ran. In the real ghostbusters, I was always irritated by Eagon’s blonde hair, because for the most part they got those characters fairly close.

Filmation owned the style of the 80s. I guess these days, it’s the last days of HIT entertainment (from Dallas, TX) and Funamation (also a home-town company). HIT owned the live action of the 90s. I wonder why there is usually just pretty much one company doing it all.

I really liked Voltron… horrible cartoon, but I couldn’t help it. I really liked it. They used their own stock footage for 30% of every episode I think. Frank’s right… that blazing sword was the ultimate can of whoop ass.

I’m just wondering if Inch High Private Eye is in this thing (I’m only 12 minutes into it).

I fucking hated Duck Tales, and now that shit is going to be stuck in my head for like 6 days.

The Fucking Littles man… another one of those that would get stuck in my head all of the time.

I’m sure glad that the 90s brought on pallet cleansers like Freakazoid.

Fucking Mario Bros… I always wanted to beat someone’s adult ass for that shit. Who the hell would have watched that one? Really, those live action fucks need a rap intro? Seriously? That’s a career ender if you ask me. And they needed two version of that damn show! I had forgotten that.

Thundar… in the year 1994… how FUTURISTIC! Super Science huh? Conan rippoff with a wannabe Chewbacca.

A Real American Hero….

GI Joe and the Transformers have got to be 2 of the best 80s cartoons for guys… not matter how stupid some parts were, there was enough action to keep any kid hooked.

Where the fuck are the Tundercats and Robotech? Are they in here?

I hope someone got fired for Gobots as toys, and got anally fisted by Optimus Prime for the damn cartoon. I liked their commercial jingle better.

Blackstar and the seven dwarves… now you know where the sword in from Halo came from eh?