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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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El Rustirino wrote:
It’s an object falling into the water, but it’s not the monster. It’s widely believed to be a satellite owned by the Oil Company that owns the Slusho! Subsidiary.

Also, yes, during the credits, you hear rob say something. And played backwards, it says that “it’s still alive”.

And bry, you’re not making much sense. For a lot of the audience for the movie wants their questions answered, therefore, would like a sequel to explained those things that are unexplained.

Rusty, it’s perfectly fine that you like it and I don’t, or that Frank feels like he wasted his time. It will happen again and again. Even I like movies other people don’t like.

I’m making perfect sense; the things that attract many people to this movie will not be possible in a sequel, because it’s purpose is different, thereby not likely be well received by the intended audience. The model of “introduce a mystery and explain it in the sequel” has failed MUCH more often than succeeded, so it stands to reason that this is a very reasonable assumption for a Cloverfield sequel.