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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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I think maybe Rusty is taking your comments to mean that if you like this movie, then you’re an idiot. There have been many times that I myself have alienated someone because of my comments about how much I think a movie might suck, or even better, how some small detail is just stupid and takes me out of the movie.

I think more than that, Bryan has a harder time than most with the suspension of belief, not because he’s not able to, but he’s very critical with movies, and we share that feeling. Most of the time, the little shit bothers me, too, but I usually comment on the really big problems. And of course, Bryan was able to pinpoint more of his annoyances by the bulleted questions posed by Frank.

Now, with the battery thing, according to most manufacturers, they charge the battery between 60 and 70%. In shipping, temperature changes cause that to drop somewhat. If they don’t charge the battery at all, those temperature changes can damage the cells in the battery if there’s no charge to them at all.