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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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I saw it in… uh, lower quality. But here is what I think about these questions:

1. She exploded. No way they shot her, they were trying to move her out before it happened, the screaming was accompanied by too much “what’s happening?!?” type dialog, so I think she popped.
2. At the point the plot and entire movie’s purpose depend on it.
3. It has the pre-release MacBook Air battery on it.
4. The director really needed something dramatic to happen, but needed to do it without explaining, so it came from off-camera. Haha, I figured it just hit it.
5. I don’t think everyone died, but it would be the only ‘valid’ account of what happened… or I guess record of it. 9-11 wasn’t so different, all of the interviews in the world tell less story than a few second of the plane hitting the building, or either tower falling. I just assumed that it tells more story than anything else would have.
6. The monster hitting the copter is stupid. Stupid. But, contrary to what movies have you believe, things don’t all explode when things go wrong, in fact, most planes and copters do NOT explode on impact. They are designed not to. People have survived them before, it even happened in our metro area a few months back or something.
7. Yeah, they carry adrenaline WAY too far in movies… it always annoys me.
8. Goofy monster flick… they all suck in that respect, ALL of them. The armor is made of pure movietonium.
9. Well, the bits on the bridge and such were stupid, but if the people were all evacuated, then the cells (assuming they were online) might be available for calls? NYC has TONS of cell towers to cover that city. It’s capacity IS huge, but no way it would have worked during the bridge sequence… too many people using. Many batteries come with a great deal of charge on them, Spring phones used to all come fully charged at one time. Not so much now but many of them still have some charge out of the package.
10. I assumed that the monster crashed on the bridge, or the military blew it up. I was just glad they died.