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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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Re: Help me understand Cloverfield

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El Rustirino

Alright then.

1.) The girl who got bitten … did she explode or did they shoot her?
She exploded. It’s implied that she was bitten by one of the little spider things that came off the monster, and I guess that makes people explode.
2.) At what point do you say, “Hey, there’s a giant monster destroying the city, people are dying … I’ve got to videotape this. No matter what happens, I’ve got to keep this camera rolling!”
Well, he had the camera rolling from the beginning, so I don’t think it would have mattered if he turned it off or not. Also, he said earlier on the bridge, when Rob asked him why he was still rolling, he said that “people were going to want to know what happened”.
3.) What kinda of fucking camera were they using? Given that all of this, from the start of the party until the end, lasts around 8 to 10 hours, it was condensed to about an hour and a half. The camera was dropped, blood was splattered on it, it was dropped from about 80 feet or so and yet it still kept recording. I’m thinking about getting a new camera and apparently this is the one I need to buy.
Here’s where you’re going to have to suspend your belief a little bit. If they had gone the practical way, and said, hey, the camera would break if this happened, then there would be no movie. Also, this is set in 2009. Not saying that would make much of a difference, but it is the future.
4.) The monster looked as if it kinda used all four legs to walk, so to speak. So, did it bite the head off the Statue of Liberty and then throw it? It looked like the monster was just ransacking everything, but I never saw him throw anything. What happened there?
That’s a pretty good question, but it just happened offscreen. Pretty much just because it came from the water, and the Statue of Liberty was closest.
5.) The very beginning of the movie says “This is footage found from what used to be Central Park.” That told me two things: 1-Everything in New York pretty much got destroyed and, 2-No one survived to tell the story. So right away, I knew that was coming. Although I’m guessing that the brother who died’s girlfriend made it in the first helicopter.
From what I hear, if you look closely during the scene where the monster hit the helicopter, another helicopter crashes, and most assume that it’s What’shername’s. I can’t remember her name for the life of me.
6.) Speaking of helicopters, when they blasted the monster, the helicopter they were in had to be about 150 or so feet in the air (at least). So when the military blasted the hell out of the monster, he jumped up and smacked the helicopter just because? On top of that, has anyone seen a helicopter that high up crash land and not explode? Instead, the copter crashes and the only one killed is the pilot.
What Bry said, most don’t explode on impact. And I suspect the helicopter was in the way. This is another one where you need to suspend belief.
7.) The girl who was impaled (the one they had to kill themselves to rescue) had been bleeding from the beginning. When they lifted her off the rebarb, the amount of blood loss would have been extremely significant. Yet, she was able to climb over to the other building, run downstairs, help carry a guy with an apparent broken leg (after the copter crash) and doesn’t even lose the color in her cheeks. By the sheer will of God, amazingly she must have the healing capabilities of Wolverine, otherwise she would have died.
Yeah, that’s the one I was kind of pissed off about. Doesn’t make any sense. Didn’t matter that much to me, though.
8.) Where the fuck did this monster come from? What the fuck were the giant tick-like buggers falling off of him? How can we pin this on Iran and North Korea? On top of that, the monster was hit with several bombs, including what had to have been a 500 pound bomb and it didn’t even break the skin. What the fuck is this thing made of anyway?
The whole point of this movie, which so many people seem to be missing – it’s not a real monster movie. It’s about the characters dealing with something so unexpected and confusing – and dangerous. Explaining the monster was not the point, at least not until the sequel. Not to mention they’re doing a lot of things involving the movie online, a viral ad campaign, that explains more, but not so much that you need to check it out.
9.) Rob, maybe you can help me a little on this one (since you work at Sprint). After 9/11, you could not call anywhere in New York City. I know, I had a friend up there and all lines where either down or busy. Yet, this guy was able to call his girlfriend (if you will), check his voicemail and get a call from his mother to tell her that her son and his brother was dead. On top of that, his battery died, so he ran over and stole a brand new battery and apparently it came fully charged. I’m not an expert on cell phones, in particular Nokias, since they obviously paid a lot of money to have their brand plastered everywhere in this movie, but since when did cell phone batteries come with a full charge?
I’m not knowledgeable about such things.
10.) What happened at the end? When you see debris falling on the super-deluxe camera (which doesn’t smash and keeps filming) you hear the guy say “Look at me, look at me, I love you.” Then you hear the girl say, “I love you, too.” And that’s it. Does the monster smash the bridge? Does the military carpet bomb New York? Does the military finally kill the monster, who falls on the bridge, killing the two lovers? Or does the monster get so fed up with the plot that he decides to go attack the people on the island in Lost? Basically, what the fuck?

It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out that the monster either was killed, or moved on, because I don’t think the government would be able to get in and grab the camera. But remember, this is a JJ Abrams production. While giving answers, it also presents many questions. Paramount has said that they’d do a sequel, and I think JJ plans on doing it, so…I assume this one would be answered in the sequel.

Basically, this isn’t the last we’ll see of it, so it’d be better just to let all the info you have soak in until the next movie, when your questions will be answered.