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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Dr Deviant

I’m in the Audio Visual industry, and this one has got everyone confused and annoyed… I don’t know what it’s like in the States, But downunder were still hiring VHS tapes in Blockbuster…. So rushing into this one is not a biggie for most people here. Most of the Ozzie Joe Public have still got to go through the DVD Revolution yet πŸ™‚

I also remember reading an article, about 4 years or so ago, saying that the DVD format would be good for the next 100 years or so! Hmmm they got that one a bit wrong by 90ish years….. It’ll be interesting to see how long HDDVD/BR last?

Just my 2c worth, now I’m off to crank up the phonogram.. Have a nice weekend all πŸ™‚