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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Something interesting that I was thinking about while listening to ads on the radio in the shower this morning: Video stores are not advertising this hot new consumer technology (Hi-Def DVDs). Until and unless a few things happen here, the whole industry is doomed to failure.

1) The whole process is too complicated. This is largely predicated by the MPAA who insist on DRM all the way to eh eyeball of the user. There is still too much confusion about compatibility: Is my TV compatible with my hot new DVD player? Will I be getting the best picture? Will I notice the difference?

2) Prices are still too high. Of course this is to be expected as the whole thing is still in its infancy and prices are bound to come down, but come on: $1,000 for a dvd player? Please.

3) I just don’t think people care all that much. I mean, I love movies as much as the next guy, but I’m still jizzing over my HD TV and how good normal DVDs look on it compared to my old clunker. Can HD-DVD or Blu-Ray be all that much different?

Remember when HD TVs first started coming out; sure, they were expensive, but they were a must-have item and everybody talked about them. Stores were always advertising the latest deals and the industry took off. This whole hi-def DVD thing just seems like a non-starter so far…

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out, but right now, I see the whole sub-system headed for archival data storage on computers and not much else…