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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Bryan gets a big A-M-E-N for his DRM speech! But you mention that companies will want us to buy a copy of the content for each device….You must have missed something because this is happening now. Fair use is a concept that seems to have been lost on all these people as well as our legislators, since the DMCA made is largely a moot point. Apparently, the industry is completely ignoring history and the fact that when cassette recorders came out, they cried foul and told everyone that the world would end and no one would ever buy another album…Same thing with the VCR….Hmmm…Seems like we have a couple of precedents here…

As for the technology side, it’s not even as simple as just having an HDMI connector on the TV. I have a 3 year old 42″ plasma that is capable of 720p and has an HDMI connector, but I KNOW that it does not support HDCP, which is required for the disk-to-eyeball encryption that the MPAA requires for the new hi-def standards.

Rob, do you really thingk there are 2,000,000 PS3’s in homes right now? I think that number is largely inflated. Sony has a big problem on their hands with that one as supply is vastly outstripping demand on that particular item. You’re right, the specs are useless to the argument and while Blu-Ray does look superior on paper, you can’t argue with the $200 add-on HD-DVD drive for the XBox 360. now that’s a price point people can live with.

I’ve completely forgotten what my point was, but this sure is a fun discussion…:-)