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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Dave, you’re right. The funny thing is that there are many people who think that if they get one of those TVs they’re automatically watching HD. They think they’ve already got HD on DVD!

The problem is unless you have a screen bigger than 50″, you probably won’t see much of a difference anyway. The HD-DVD and Blu-Ray people know that these technologies are really ahead of their time for 98% of the public. So really, everyone could have taken their time to get things right. But, even though Sony has what appears to be (on paper) the superior standard, instead of working toward an agreement, they decided to hedge their bets again, create the technology themselves, creating confusion for those interested in HD movies, and whatever. They were greedy about it. “Oh yeah? Oh yeah? Well, we’re going to do it ourselves!”

And, they should have failed. But they have all of the major studios creating content for them except for two studios: Universal and The Weinstein Company. Two studios. Every other studio is either creating content exclusively for Blu-Ray or both of them.

The specs really are quite negligible, in the end. So now, it comes down to software. And the fact that now, 2,000,000 PS3s are in homes. HD-DVD doesn’t look to have a chance. Sony’s got the whole industry by the balls now, and they love it.