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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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So, just a little more…

I wrote a letter to Universal Studios today, since they’re one of two studios exclusively releasing content on HD-DVD. Bill from thedigitalbits thought that if Universal turned, it’d be the end of HD-DVD. So here’s what I wrote…

Any single customer interested in high-definition movies has to utter a single question — what are the differences between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray? The fact is, this is a question customers should not be asking.

Although I believe that Sony’s way of doing things was a bit irresponsible, a unified HD format for DVD’s next format should have been reached. And since it was not, the lines were drawn in the sand.

As a well-informed consumer, I understand the ties that Universal Studios has with Microsoft (NBC/Universal, MSNBC), and that, however well-informed a consumer might be, he might not know all aspects of an agreement like this. But, in light of apparent current trends, this is a war that the HD-DVD front is losing. Being the only studio exclusively releasing content on HD-DVD, is it not time to do what makes sense for the industry, and in the long run, what’s best for not only the consumer, but Universal Studios itself?

I urge you to take action, to announce your support wholeheartedly for Blu-Ray, or at the very least, for Warner’s Total HD discs. The consumers are ready for HD — it’s time to give it to them in one, single, industrywide move, and Universal Studios can help lead the way.

Thank you.

I urge you to do the same, if you’re ready for this war to end. Blu-Ray players will be down in price by the end of the year and all of the studios can concentrate on what matters — the movies and the special features. So yeah!

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