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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Re: HD DVD for Jenna

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Yeah, but let’s say you’re not a gamer. If you already have an Xbox 360, then great. But if you don’t, the prices are very similar. That number was from thedigitalbits — the PS3 number. And it’s worldwide. But still — if you go back and read the rest of Bill’s comment (from thedigitalbits), I think he’s pretty clear. He has both, he’s seen the difference (or lack of difference), and he’s right.

If there’s no discernible difference in quality with the two, then it comes down to two things — software, and price. And maybe installed base — and that’s why the number of PS3s sold plays in so well. If you don’t have either game system, and don’t plan on it — what do you buy? And what do the people at the stores say? Well, from experience, they all say go with Blu-Ray. Now that doesn’t mean they’re right, but if they’re all telling people that — what are people going to buy?

And as far as software — I’ve been watching the releases. I really want an HD movie player. And there are SO many more Blu-Ray titles that are being announced that I want. Pirates 2. Casino Royale.

Oh, and since HDMI isn’t being enforced (yet), that’s not really an issue, either. From what I’ve read (I might have already said this), it seems that you need a 1080i 50″+ size TV to really see the difference. In future, when HDMI becomes enforced (and it’s anyone’s guess as to when it will), anyone without an HDMI connection will need a new TV anyway.

Okay, I’m done for a while. Whew!