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Re: Harry Hated Clone Wars

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Re: Harry Hated Clone Wars

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That’s weird, Rusty — apparently it’s been removed from the site. If you cllick that link now, it goes to some jumbled up version of a lot of different pages.

I got to read it before it was taken down, and yeah, he really hated it. He said he was disappointed at not liking a Star Wars movie. If I remember right, he said something like, “I suffered through Jar Jar, Ewoks, Hayden Christensen, a wooden Natalie Portman and even Jake Lloyd.” He said that there are two characters in the movie that are really really bad.

I didn’t have my hopes up too much anyway. To me, this just isn’t Star Wars. I mean, the previous cartoons — I really liked them, but they’re not the same as a Star Wars movie. Does anyone quote one of those? Nope.