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Re: Halo 3

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Re: Halo 3

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El Rustirino

Yeah, whatever Rob. I don’t have to take this shit.

Nah, I wasn’t upset, if someone screws with me and I reply, I’m playing along. Unless it’s Bing. Fuck that guy

Anywho (ha ha Rob hates that word), Halo 3. Come on, guys, you’re making me feel stupid because I ain’t played it none, gosh dangit. I would have rushed into Gamestop up the street and gotten a copy just because, even though I don’t own a three shitty (I fuckin’ want one tho). Just to cherish it. But my ass picked the perfect time to get fucking sick. And holy shit, am I sick. I’m wasting precious life points time just writing this. I. Am. Burning. UP.