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Re: Halo 3

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Re: Halo 3

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Back in the day…

We played deathmatch “Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2”, that was my first and only exposure to online gaming save one “Starlancer” experience with the world’s most gifted pilot (who was probably an autistic snot eater or someshit in the middle of Wyoming). I decided then that online playing had the potential for extreme frustration and that ruined the experience for me… so I stayed in the world of single player.

Like Newman, I usually start on easy to “see” as much of the game as I can, and seeing as how I paid for the bitch, you can bet your oily butts I’ll use cheat codes to do so.

I guess because I grew up in the old arcade days where the longer you played the more difficult the game became makes me question the idea of difficult=good.

Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry 3 where cool games but fuckssake man! Whaddya trying to make me throw the ps2 out the window!?!!

so with that in mind…..Is Halo 3 a game that I might enjoy?