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Re: Halo 3

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Re: Halo 3

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Newman wrote:
We got home at about 1:00am Tuesday morning. I ended up playing until about 5:30am, was about 1/2 done campaign by then. Passed out till noon, then “Finished the Fight”

Goddamn, I don’t understand how people burn through games so fast. I don’t know if I’m slipping in the skills department, or what, but these days I take forever to play a game. I’m playing BioShock right now, and where everyone else has 1000/1000 gamerpoints and beat the game twice already, I’m willing to be I’ll be playing that game for a while before beating it. Then again, I like to gawk at the eyecandy these days. I’ll stare at a wall like, “OOh, look how it reflects the light and the cracks and stuff! Ooo!”.