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Re: Friday 10-6-07 TV Notes

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Re: Friday 10-6-07 TV Notes

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Darth Octavious wrote:
Are going to keep saying that, when Star Wars TV comes to the small screen?

****transformer sound****
**enter Darth Bing**
*kinda looks like Wil-E-Coyote from the Road Runner Cartoons*

I wonder if your feelings on this matter are clear Lord Octavious?

….Dude, you should know by now I’ma go butt-assed wild when SW hits the small screen again. You were there when the Holiday Special hit air back on Friday November 17, 1978. Lucas might as well have taken a steaming dump on 7 dead chickens telling a story to Bea Arthur with a yeast infection on how to pleasure Harvey Korman.

…I got 3 points here

Point #1 :
The first person to mention “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles” will be dealt with by having Rick McCallum shit on their chest for 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives.

Point #2
If Lucas CAN fuck it up, Lucas WILL fuck it up

Point #3
I’ll buy everything SW that the fat flannel bitch shits out.

Oh,……………….and Katee Sackhoff can punch me *IN THE FACE!* anytime, anywhere

Sorry, got off subject there…..D.O. you suck for not being around lately…whaddya think we gonna wait on your lazy ass????
…Oh, and Frank said something about your Mom……