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Re: Format Wars: Die your Rebel Scum!

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Re: Format Wars: Die your Rebel Scum!

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Well, in the last two days, Best Buy has said that even though they’ll carry both formats, they will strongly push Blu, NetFlix is not offering HD-DVDs anymore, and Wal-Mart has stated that by early summer, they will no longer carry HD-DVD players. Nice.

I’ve refrained from really commenting on all of this until now, simply because it’s so damn annoying. It’s like it’s finally taken all of the retailers all this time to figure out that Blu’s the best way to go. There are some people who have stated that they have been denied the 5 free movies you get when purchasing one of the new players. It just needs to be over now.

Now what would be cool, and file this under “it’ll never happen”, but if all of the studios would give you a coupon for $10 or $15 off Blu-Ray versions of the movies people have purchased in HD-DVD when they come available — it would really get customers back in the mood, even if they bought into HD-DVD and feel irritated.

I looked at my collection last night — I have 18 Blu-Ray movies and/or sets (the big bad Harry Potter set is counted as one) and 13 HD-DVDs. Now of those, six I got for free (King Kong came with my player, and the standard 5 free). So by that rationale, I’ve had both formats, and have only purchased seven HD-DVDs vs. 18 Blu-Rays. And I’m irritated that I have to buy those again on Blu-Ray (if you think I’m going to keep my HD-DVD Xbox add-on, you’re fuckin’ crazy. I absolutely hate that thing).