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Re: Ever consider relocating?

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Re: Ever consider relocating?

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Not looking at anywhere that I specifically ‘want’ to live, but with the job market not necessarily supporting my needs, the wife and I have discussed the need to “widen the net” and include other markets. And if we do, what would we be open to. There really aren’t any local Texas markets that I’d want to move to, Austin would be okay. But for work, only a few places are going to offer more opportunity than DFW and those are NY, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. Houston is a big city, but has no more Creative needs than our city. I’d prefer not to deal with “real cold” so the west coast was pretty much the only thing we were questioning if looking seriously at that kind of move was worth our time.

The big holdback for me, is my oldest kiddo. I don’t want to only see him 1 or 2 times a year, and with all forms of travel going up in cost, I’d have to plan ahead for it each time as well. However, I don’t like counting out change to pay bills either, ya know? As long as that potential is out there, I have to make sure I’m looking at all of my options. I’m still working all leads here first, and I’d have to have a job offer and likely a relocation package to even do it.

So I was just interested in what other people have gone through when thinking about this. I wasn’t quite at the point of looking for a sounding board yet as Rob probably assumed, but Bucho that was what I was interested in from others. It’s the, not only where would you go, but maybe why, or how far have you really looked into the process.