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Re: Elephant’s Dream

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Re: Elephant’s Dream

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Don’t you just get this feeling that more and more software is going toward the free/source style.

I’ve worked with a lot of 3D packages, eg. Lightwave, 3DS Max, Bryce, Poser and so on. Blender seems to grab bits from all of them making it a bit of an all rounder.

I’ve used 3DS Max and Brazil, and the output is comaparable to some of the blender ones.

Sooner or later, along will come a better one.

Human nature is competitiveness.

Although, if you could design a program like Blender and not make a buck from it, would you be happy?

(I can’t believe I have a normal streak in me) 🙂

If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.