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Re: Dumbledore

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Re: Dumbledore

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digitaltopia wrote:
It’s my understanding, and Paul can correct me on this

I ain’t gay.

digitaltopia wrote:
The whole gay issue isn’t as big a deal over in England as it is here,

True dat, some of my friends are gay and all right to get along with. They just ain’t allowed to touch

digitaltopia wrote:
so it may not have seemed like such a big deal to her.

Now you can begin to understand why Dumbledore was fond of wands, ran a school and used the name of candy for his passwords 😀

digitaltopia wrote:
Nevertheless, even though it may have just slipped out, I think she purposefully didn’t let it slip out until after all the books had been out for a while because she didn’t want it to hurt the sales.

Personally I don’t think it made any difference to the story.

If it doesn’t work, jam a screwdriver in there and jiggle it about.