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Re: Domain changing again

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Re: Domain changing again

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You? Move? Oh come on, moving isn’t what you do. Especially not 50 times or so. Kidding.

I’m glad to hear there are some good leads for you. If you’re the one doing everything then you don’t have to worry about other people sticking their fingers in what you’re doing and you can present a more clear and consistent vision all the way through the projects.

I don’t think a podcast version of your current situation would need much of a complicated setup. Just intro music, “here’s what’s been happening”, outtro music. Maybe with the occasional joke. And maybe you could bring along a couple friends. And sing a little. You could call it something like, “Flavored Frozen Ice Balls From the Future of Our Past For Your Right Now.” But seriously, I think it could just be done simply and would be a great way to keep updated on what’s going on.