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Re: Dolls

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Aura of hate
Version3 wrote:
Aura of hate wrote:
Interesting….how “Real” can these things be any way…seems like it would be like fucking a inter tube or a corpse…rubbery and cold…and silent…

Nice setup man, thanks.

How real, not very. Yep, an intertube, corpse… rubbery and cold. Wait, this is starting to sound pretty fucking Hollywood real to me.

Oh wait, you said silent. I’d bet none of those real things could every stop talking about themselves, much less be silent. 😉

Heh thanks…a net first my humor was understood!

And yes and also like allot of females…cold and frigid…but you do not have to worry about getting the blood out of your pubes with them (dolls).

Well I can solve that, a little duck tape or a nice knife and a quick cut around the throat and BOOM! Quiet, aside from the odd gurgle and whine and the bitch (man or gal) dies but thats some of the fun really….and once again I will be attached to necrophilia…heh.