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Re: Does life have an end?

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Re: Does life have an end?

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imagine another dimension. on that nova special, it said there were like…membranes of dimensions, and that’s kinda how im imagining it…imagine 2 membranes. 1 is the universe in which we live with our 4 dimensions, and the other is where our conscienouses are. now imagine the point in spacetime where your brain is and the point in whatever other dimension that is…imagine those two membranes touching right there.
now the quantum level…it appears random, but i think in that part of your brain, that’s where it’s guided, in a way. randomness with a liking to your intentions, to whatever you’re trying to make your brain percieve, do, whatever

given that example of what consciousness is, though, the first thing i said would work, so my two things don’t coincide
if every single nueron in your head, every single energy wave at the exact same point, every subatomic particle and synapse firing at the exact same point, bucho, you dont think that would be the same thing? because if not, it would be 100% certain that there’s more to consciousness than your brain.