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Re: Dark Knight review thread…

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Re: Dark Knight review thread…

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Yeah, it sucks that we couldn’t visit about the movie afterward with the late hour.

None of the points of the movie surprised me, and I haven’t been reading anything on it. Two-Face was a total given if you’ve just seen the early artwork. Happy to see how it was done for sure. No real issues with how that came about, execution… any of it.

Ledger: Sure you can say “I told you so” but you really can’t claim it here with me. The only reason is, I already believed you that the perfectly insane and crazy smart would be evident, and that I got why that was the joker you were looking for. What I wasn’t convinced of was the remaining funny. The crazy guy that not only has a psychotic view on the world, but a funny way of showing it, not just an evil one. But it’s there. It’s so fucking there. This is something you can’t tell from the trailers or any scene you have gotten a peek at. The most you will get from those is him saying “here’s my card” and it looks like it could be smart ass from a crazy dude just as much as it could be the best fucking Joker ever. Best Ever. Best. The Best Joker. Not just because you want to spit in the eye of the Tim Burton movies, I’m talking about all of the animated-s, the comics… this is how the villain should be.

I saw an interview excerpt with Gary Oldman, and he said that Heath’s Joker may be a better villain even than the Hanibal Lector we’ve all come to know and love. I heard this and thought, he’s only saying this because of the fact that Ledger died. After seeing it, I dunno man… the Lector could be considered the perfect villian portrayal. -But, this Joker could be as well… AND Heath Ledger had to fill the shoes of a very well-known villian character, and that makes playing it much harder. I think I’d have to agree with Oldman. I’m happy to eat my words with regard to my concern about how this Joker would come out.

Okay, enough gushing there. Let me just ramble aimlessly about TDK now. I will agree with Rob… that it’s the best superhero movie ever -however I think that it needed a bit of tightening up on the pacing, and I’m still not sold on Bale. I may never be. In both of these movies he steps to the forefront to fill the shows of the second most popular American Super-Hero franchise, then seems to take one noticeable step back to let the movie drive his performance rather than he drive the movie. I still have a problem with that. And his “Batman” voice sucks even more in this movie than it did the last time.

I still think that Ironman is a better played by the actor, thought The Dark Knight is directed as a much deeper, thought-provoking and dramatic movie; and I’m going to have a hard time saying I’d rather watch The Dark Knight again over Ironman again when I have them both on DVD. But, I know that The Dark Knight is a better film. It’s a great movie. It’s been a very long time since I left the theater feeling 100% satisfied with waiting, with staying up late, with the drive home… with paying the price of seeing it before most others.

I’d go farther than Rob and say the sonar thing was just goofy, but I was still fine with it too. Visually I liked most of the gadgetry and stuff this time, but had a few minor issues with some of it. I kinda liked the way Batman stopped his motorcycle because it was a quick surprise and looked kinda cool. It also looked kinda stupid and felt a bit forced into the sequence. Stuff like that.

Aside of the fact that we have a pitch-perfect Joker performance, I like this movie because it takes a good in-depth look at the hero, a good look at the motivation of the villain (all of them) and a good cross-section of humanity -who they are, who they will be when they have to vs. who they want to be. This is a writing and directorial triumph in my opinion, because it accomplishes so much on those fronts without being too heavily character driven… without becoming a morality tale… without failing to be a superhero movie.

I’m and worried about a sequel, because if they don’t cut the Joker out completely, it will be distracting to see anyone fall short of this ultra-high bar that’s been set? Oscar? It’s a long year ahead yet, but a lack of nomination for this performance will need to be the result of the best holiday movie season ever.

Bale: Good
Ledger: Legendary
Eckart: Fantastic!
Oldman: Fantastic!
Freeman: Good – no room for more
Caine: Very Good
Roberts: Better than good, but no room for Great
Gyllenhaal: Why? Couldn’t anyone have done better than this? She has a “droopy” face. It’s distracting. She was good, but I found her distracting somehow the whole time. Her performance was adequate, but with so much going on it’s hard to judge her on her own.

This concludes my unorganized gush-session on The Dark Knight. 🙂