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Re: Dark Knight review thread…

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Re: Dark Knight review thread…

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El Rustirino

So it was just amazing. Ledger was Oscar-Worthy. I do not consider his death, or any other outside influences, when stating this. It was just one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. Eckhart was almost as good. Bale, I believe, played both sides very well. One is a billionaire asshole, one is a…well, it’s Batman. Sure, the voice was tough, but hey, the lines made up for it. You’re gonna love me – that just made me go YESSSSS. Oldman was fucking awesome as well. I love Morgan Freeman, and this was just more proof to me of how much I like the guy. Gotta love Alfred. Etc, ect. The chick wasn’t that bad.

I loved it so much. SO much. It’s hard for me to put this above Wall-E, as that film touched me (hurf hurf) in a way I’ve never been touched before (hurf a durf), at least by a work of fiction. This movie was just amazing, however. It’s really tough.

I could go on about how clever the Joker is, how amazing his schemes (i know, he’s not a schemer, I just can’t come up with a word for it) are – the boats? How fucking brilliant is that? It’s just…aaaagh.

Also, one of the little things – when the big inmate threw the remote out the window I was like AAAAAAAAAA and then when the Joker went here we go and the guy didn’t actually set it off but the music made me think he would i was like OH MY GOD YES

So yeah, i loved it.

Also, it’s really hard to imagine the next movie. I don’t think Two Face died.

By the way the face looked AMAZING. Holy shit it freaked me out, and I’m curious as to how it got a PG-13, the way movies are rated now-a-days.