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Re: Dark Knight review thread…

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Re: Dark Knight review thread…

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Okay, now that that’s out of the way. I have to say, there aren’t many other movies that I am so adamant that the secrets be preserved for those who haven’t seen it. I pretty much knew most of the story points, as in WHAT, YOU’RE STILL HERE? GO SEE THE MOVIE FIRST!!

Okay, enough warnings. I knew Rachel was going to get it. I knew Two-Face was imminent. But wow, it’s almost like a dark poem to Batman. Just a fantastic, well-written, beautifully directed masterpiece.

And, to all you doubters, I have to say “I told you so” about Heath Ledger. I’ve been saying it from the beginning, that he had some amazing potential, and boy, was I right. He plays it on the tightrope just perfectly, insane, crazy smart, hilarious but spooky as hell. What a great great performance. Watching it made it even more tragic, knowing that he’s gone.

Now, granted, there were things that I probably could have done without. Like, two things. I found the sonar thing toward the end to be a little too Daredevil-y. Cool, sure, and it definitely didn’t take away from anything. And, when Batman jumped out the window to save Rachel, the Joker is left up at the party, but absolutely no explanation as to why he just left them all alone at that point (or maybe, he was so convinced that Batman was Harvey at that point, that he just decided to leave). There’s probably more, but who cares. Damn this was a great movie, definitely beating out Wall-E as my movie of the year, and yes, it’s the best superhero movie ever.