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I guess the funniest bands I saw were the wannabe Pearl Jam/Tool bands that sprang up like ant erections in the 90s. If you thought Creed and Days Of The New were shit you should’ve seen these small time melodramatic dipshits. The heaviest mosh pit I was ever in was Ministry in a stadium show in about ’97, just brutal wildness and abandon way beyond fun. The best bands I’ve seen live have mostly been in the last few years, QOTSA and The Datsuns in 2003 and The Hives in 2004. The other best gigs were NZ bands Shihad and Head Like A Hole in the mid 90s.

On another note I saw U2 last weekend. The newer songs don’t have the same power as the older ones so there’s some flat spots in the performance and the political shit gets overdone but they did the most impressive stadium show I’ve ever seen. They have this massive curtain (like 6 or 7 stories high) of spherical LEDs behind them that can be either lights or a screen and two normal big screens that always show the four guys. I know most of you guys don’t care about the band but from a pure spectacle point of view it shit on other stadium gigs I’ve seen (including two Stones shows).

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