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No, I saw Thin Lizzy like 3 years ago. It would be nice if Phil was alive, but they had some white guy singing and it wasn’t bad.

The time I saw Judas Priest, the PA was on the fritz for the first 3 bands. Since it was all metal, it sucked. The bass was too high so everytime the drummer did triplets or rolls on the bass drum, it was like being punched in the chest. It was Testament, Jerry Cantrell (of Alice in Chains) and Queensryche. Testament is crap live, and Queensryche is crap period. I like Jerry Cantrell’s solo stuff and his stuff with AiC, but he was there playing covers so it was ok at best. Judas Priest fuckin rocked, however, cuz they finally fixed the levels on the PA.

Also, Bucho, since it was right after Songs For The Deaf came out, was Dave Grohl on drums?