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Ivan wrote:
Goddamn, I’ve been wanting to see QOTSA for a while. U2’s new stuff is crap. The best band to see live is CAKE. Their live show isn’t fancy, but their sound is absolutely perfect and proves that they don’t rely on studio magic to achieve their sound. The best concert I ever saw, though, was Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Joe Satriani, and Deep Purple. It was fantastic.

Thin Lizzy when Phil was still alive? That’s going back a while, great band though. I like Deep Purple too, my old band used to do a Motorheadised version of Highway Star, but I missed their gig here last year. I don’t know much about BOC apart from Don’t Fear The Reaper. I like Cake but I’ve never seen them live. I like Beautiful Day of the new songs but since Achtung Baby I haven’t paid much attention to U2.

Saw QOTSA at a show called Big Day Out which is a yearly summer festival type tour of Aus and NZ. They played on one of the main stadium stages at about 6pm with the sun still out but the stadium PA went on the shit and they had to walk off after 4 or 5 songs, Josh swearing his ass off. The PA got fixed and all the other stadium stage bands had no more problems. But because QOTSA had never played NZ they arranged to play on one of the smaller stages on another field once the last band had played in that area so their fans wouldn’t feel ripped off. So about 11pm, with all the other bands done and the moon and stars out, QOTSA play a fuckin blinder. Nick was still in the band, it was soon after Songs For The Deaf had come out, Mark Lanegan was there, they just effortlessly blew away every band that had gone before them. I’d love to see them play again, they’re still pretty awesome, but I don’t think they’re the same animal without Nick.

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