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Re: Commentaries from everyone?

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Re: Commentaries from everyone?

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Version3 wrote:
Nah, I’ll just get a new one.

17″ MacBook Pro schedule to arrive late this morning with max’d out RAM and a 24″ Dell Widescreen display on the way. 😀

And it arrived today. I’d say it’s super fucking crazy pimp, but the fucking DVD drive is dead in it. We bought it online from Amazon, so I know I’m going to end up getting fucked out of a few days to get this problem resolved. I’m going to an Apple store first, but I’m sure they’ll politely tell me to stick it since I did not buy it there.

On another note, I’ve bitched in the past about Flash player sucking really bad on Mac… it’s fixed for the Intel, or at least in the recent Intel Mac update. I just watched a few of the presentations I know should look killer, and they did. 😀 256MB of Video and this huge 17″ monitor made it NICE. This thing looks so good I almost don’t want to hook it up to my 24″ Dell display that arrives in a few days. -but I think I will.