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Re: Come All Ye Facefuls.

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Re: Come All Ye Facefuls.

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Haha, yep that’s one of Jerry’s alright, even the bit about the beard. All the show-149 ideas except talking like a walkie talkie at the drive in were straight from previous shows too.

The uranium one is also from a show, not something Jerry actually did but it was something one of the boys came up with on the show in one of their, “here’s what’d be funny to do” bits. The carbonated drinks one wasn’t from the show but the idea to bring up bees probably popped into my head from so many mentions of bees on SOS shows. Fact is, every time I do one I have in the back of my mind what might be entertaining to the SOS boys and the forum chaps.

Sometimes I get sidetracked though, like in the one where the dude has a boil on his head and tells me about the robber, or the ET/Bollywood one where the girl was too pretty for me to have the balls to mess with and I just ended up trying to have a little conversation with her.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.