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Re: Clerks 2 review

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Re: Clerks 2 review

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Finally saw this movie (I knew I wasn’t going to see it until DVD). Holy shit, the parts that made me laugh the hardest, made me roll out of my chair literally. I never “roll” out of anything. I, in fact, laughed so hard it made my shoulder hurt; how fucked up is that? Jason Mewes kicked my ass in this movie. I seriously thought I was going to die when being so sideswiped at something so simple as chugging half a Red Bull, then boot-kicking it away yelling, “Get tha fuck outta here!!!”.

Oh, and why the fuck to I pay attention to anyone at any time? I remember some sticky fuckstain back before it came out saying, “Uuuugh, in this movie, Randall spends the whole time just basically writing fighting with a guy on a blog. It’s like his whole story-line…uuuugh!” Fuck you! Die, you simple asshole! I thank that prick for tainting my anticipations of this movie!…whoever you were again. Thank you for being waaaay off. Two thumbs up a crack. Loved it.