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The pot in New Zealand must be really good

If you leave us Rob then we will all simply be waiting in your front yard the next day. (or 2 days if we live far away)
Seriously though…you aren’t the only one dealing with withdrawl. Life ain’t the same without the SOS’ers.

I was at Blockbuster day before yesterday and *tried* to rent Aliens with the second special features disc that should always be included in a movie that awesome. Well, I get home only to discover that I have only the movie disc, so I call the barely awake and retarded 17 year old girl that was working the counter. After about 5 mins (no joke) explaining to her what I was talking about she said to come in and she would give me the other disc.
So I get there and she hands me “Alien”..I explain that is not the right movie that I wanted the sequel “Alien(S)”. She gave me that teenage girl “Whatever, you’re like boring me and stuff” look. I went back to the shelf got Alien and AlienS and showed her the difference in spelling and case artwork hoping she could grasp the difference. A few minutes of gum chewing and chanting the word “like” passes then she looks at me and says “this one doesn’t come with a second disc?”
She was not asking me, mind you, all her sentences ended in a slight upturn of pitch that usually signifies a question. Yes, it does I told her and we started all of this over again.

its hot. I’m in pain with my soon-to-be-operated-on hip. And I am running out of patience with this ignorant little twat when the guy behind me in line (45ish white balding male approx 180lbs about 5’4″…not a imposing figure I assure you). Says to himself “Jesus man, cut her some slack”…Then my brain does this

**flash of inspiration**
**bypass testosterone fueled pissing match**
**Accessing Blockbuster………**
**Match Found**
**Switched On Show humor**
**Initiating Program**

I turn to the guy and I say to him….


I didn’t get the movie ’cause she was a dumb cunt….but that guy didn’t say or do anything, in fact he look scared…really scared……

anyway..made me think of you.

The above is not a work of fiction, that fucker was real and shocked.
And I’m gonna get shot one day pulling shit like this on strangers.