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Re: Bucho Loves Squid

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Re: Bucho Loves Squid

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Bucho wrote:
I knew it was worth it to let Frank and Ivan bring their squid hunting expedition down to the magical deep South. Word on the street is Frank wrestled that bad boy for two hours on a single breath of air and the first hour and 45 he was really just playing. We’re building a statue of him and the squid on top of The Beehive and Ivan’s going to get to dance with the Prime Minister at the festival gala.

Thanks to the wonders of the company that brought you Marlboro Lights, I don’t think I can actually hold my breath for a minute, much less that long, so at least that part was inaccurate. Everything else, though, is true. I do want pictures of the statue.

I’ll go ahead and make another call for a Switched:On “roadtrip” to Bucho’s house. Bing, you’re driving.