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Re: Black Mac = up the price $200!

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Re: Black Mac = up the price $200!

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Novelty can be expensive.

Rob: Have you ever used one of these glossy screens? Okay, so they are not that bad ‘indoors’ as you say, just avoid lamps, windows, or any source of light that is not completely overhead. Drop ceiling with flourescents? I hope you don’t like your screen leaned back. Sorry, as vivid and cool contrasty they may be, they suck for anything but watching DVDs. You damn sure can’t do much design work on one. Seems I always sit where a window can mess things up. Oh sure, this glossy screen wouldn’t be causing me a problem right this minute, but if I were to switch couches, I’d have to turn slightly sideways to not get a super harsh glare. Not for me. I’m not irritated that they make it, colors really do look kick ass on these. I’m annoyed that it’s the only way you can get one. At least the MacBook Pro made it merely an option.