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Re: Bing’s Best and Worst of 2006

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Re: Bing’s Best and Worst of 2006

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Thank you Bing. This is the list so far, but it’s open to all other vagrants to build into something more comprehensive. The Worst Of 2006 includes …

No cure for death found in 2006.
No cure for stupidity found in 2006 (except death).
Catherine Zeta Jones still married to Michael Douglas instead of Bucho.
Still no jet packs or flying cars or teleportation or moon base.
Hot women’s clothes still legal.
Newman didn’t find a million in gold bullion buried in his yard.
Lucas didn’t announce that Brian Singer or Tarantino or Josh Abrams is going to make a trilogy of Han Solo films.
Bing and Frank didn’t get their own TV show.
Certain dumb, untalented whores and retards still admired as celebrities instead of forced to work sanitation for the next decade.
Octavious didn’t get Superman box for Christmas.
Oprah Winfrey didn’t get punched in the face by any of her guests.
Switched On hosts didn’t win lottery so can’t quit jobs to do show full-time.
Paw-Paw fell asleep before he could give Ivan his Christmas chocolate finger.

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